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My name is Jeff Stamer and I’m glad you’ve found my website!

I’ve had photography in my blood since I was a kid with my first camera, a secondhand Kodak Brownie way back in the 1960s!  Obviously a lot has changed since then… but my love of Photography hasn’t been one of them.

I am passionate about landscape and wildlife photography and that keeps me on the move but when I’m not traveling, I call Central Florida home.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph some truly breathtaking sights.  My goal is to share the wonder and awe these sites inspire within me via my photographs.  Perhaps even more important, I’d like to pass along some hints and learnings I’ve picked up along the way to my fellow photographers.

I hope you enjoy the images and blogs on this site and get a chance to get out there and explore on your own!


PS:  Check out my photos on Flickr and Facebook too!

My old Brownie….still have her after all these years!