I adore hummingbirds.  They simply amaze me.  Over the years, I have learned how to capture their image on a camera sensor…and it wasn’t easy!  If you would like to photograph these little wonders, take a look at my how-to blog.

2014  hummingbird  May 09 00002_crop.jpg20130521_Hbird_0008 crop.jpg20130612_0021crop.jpg2014  Humminfvies  May 09 00006_crop-Recovered.jpg20130527_Hbird_0024 crop.jpg20130527_Hbird_0051 crop.jpg2014  Hummingbirds  May 09 00003_.jpg20130528_Hbird_0064 crop.jpg2014  hummingbird  May 09 00004 crop_.jpg20130530_Hbird_0000.jpg2014  Humminfvies  May 09 00004_-2 crop.jpg20130612_0053.jpg20130612_HB_0004 crop.jpg20130525_hbird_0033 crop.jpg2014  Humminfvies  May 09 00004_-2 crop2.jpg