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Bambi and Friends

This morning my beautiful wife Anita called on her cell right after she left the house to tell me that a 6-point buck was standing at the end of our street.  I grabbed the Nikon and managed to get this shot as he shot by me heading for the woods:

“I’m outta here man!”

  • Well, it wasn’t a bad shot, but a faster shutter speed would have completely frozen the action.  Still, I was happy with it…I mean we see female deer all the time, but stags are a much more infrequent occurence.  So, I went off tracking the buck  into the woods hoping I might get lucky and get a second shot.  I practiced my stalking:

No sudden movements

No direct eye contact

Never moving directly at him, only diagonally.

  • And you know what?   It worked!  This guy started getting used to me and let me approach to within 2o feet when I was able to pop off this frame.

In a few minutes, he headed out to a clearing and posed for me in front of a little pond.  He decided to take his leave of me then, so I headed back to the house for some breakfast.  On the way, I came upon a small field and surprised this doe.

As I turned to leave, her fawn darted across the field to join her.

All in all, not a bad way to start a day.  Sometimes that saying on the t-shirts is true:  ‘Life is Good.!’




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