My Wildlife Favorites Gallery

From the Depths  Here we come!TeddyMirror, Mirror...FlybyThe JoustPaigeDawn RendezousThe Watcher...NaptimeLunch BreakArctic StealthA Solid 9Target AquiredDo we have a problem here Buddy?Peek-a-BooTouch my Zebra and DieBattle RoyaleDeja VuCatch ya LaterBeaufort BruisersTendu Relevé Wreck DiverThe LookGlamor GalRamblin'Another couple seconds and I would have had that Nikon for lunch   Mama loveLeviathanNever a moment's restEvil EyeCheck it outEven I can't stay down forever!' Out on a limb...'    Antillean Crested Hummingbird photographed in St. LuciaSunset SilhouetteLeap of FaithHanging OutPolar Bear KissesPose for the picture please..Birders DelightI Was Here FirstChillin'Morning BreathEarly Riser  Ramming SpeedThose EyesJust Passing Thru...Diving DeepAt the starting gate