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I’d be the first to admit that I’m a perfectionist.  I wouldn’t have accomplished most the things I’m proud of if I wasn’t.  It’s just part of who I am.

“Wreck Diver” One of the shots in my new Underwater Portfolio

But I have to admit it has its downsides.  One of the biggest is that I don’t consider something ‘done’ until it is perfect.  And since perfection is a nearly impossible goal, I find it sometimes difficult to finally say “it’s good enough” and declare a project completed.

One example of this is my underwater photography.  I’ve been seriously shooting underwater for about 5 years but I’ve never added a gallery of my underwater work to my website.  I’ve had requests for it but I never thought it was ‘good’ enough to justify a portfolio.  

Well, on my recent trip to St. Lucia something ‘clicked’ and I started getting images underwater that I was really pleased with.  When I got home, it inspired me to spend a couple weeks looking through and reworking my underwater portfolio.

It isn’t perfect but I’m going to share it anyway.  Hopefully it will inspire others to try scuba diving and see the wonders that lie below 70% of the earth’s surface.

Click here to see my new Underwater Gallery.

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  1. Check out my friend Brian Burnett and Matt Squires for some super underwater photo!

  2. Jeff,

    You are an expert on underwater photography now! I especially like the turtle swimming to the light and the manatee half submerged. I would recommend that you enter the manatee in Nature’s Best Photography contest in the water category. It should win due to uniqueness and quality. Kudos!


    1. Karl,
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Coming from you, it truly is appreciated! I’ll look into the Nature’s Best Photo contest…can’t hurt to enter,

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