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Good Things Come in Threes

 The last few weeks have brought some exciting developments for me and Firefall Photography!:  

  • I was featured in the inaugural issue of a great new night photography magazine “Dark Sky Travels.”
  • One of my manatee shots was the cover of a local magazine, “West Volusia Life”
  • And Highlights magazine purchased my ‘Skeleton Man and T-Rex” photo for their upcoming June issue.
Jeff Stamer Published in Dark Sky Travels Magazine February 2019

Dark Sky Travels Magazine February 2019

Jeff Stamer photograph Published in West Volusia LIFE Magazine February 2019

West Volusia LIFE Magazine Feb 2019

Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton T-Rex Dinosaur in South Dakota Jeff Stamer photograph Published in Highlights Magazine June 2019

Highlights Magazine June 2019

Although it’s certainly wonderful when I get a compliment from friends or family, it is satisfying on a whole different level when a stranger pays good money to publish my work!

Anyway, today I’m off to Iceland for two weeks of landscape photography.  Iceland has long been a ‘bucket-list’ location of mine and now I get to visit thanks to an extravagant Christmas gift from my wife Anita (whom I clearly do not deserve).

Vertu blessaĆ°ur (Goodbye in Icelandic!)




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