Underwater Gallery

I truly enjoy exploring the bizarre, colorful and alien world beneath the waves.    After many requests, I’ve decided to publish a portfolio of my favorite underwater images…enjoy!

'...out of the depths...''Hanging on for dear life''New Dive Buddy''Alien Fingers''Meet my (not so) little friend!Close Encounters of the Third Kind'Suspended''Leviathan''Who needs a Ghillie Suit?''I have you now!''Wreck Diver''The Ambush''Staghorn Forest''Watcha looking at buddy?''Sleeping Beauty''Who's There?''Drunk Tank''Martian Palouse''Moe, Curly and Shemp''Death Blossom''Study in Contrast''Morning Rendevouz''Can I come out and play?''Damn Paparazzi!''Waiting for the Starship Troopers''Where you lead...''Pretty as a Picture'♫You Poor unfortunate soul♪'Who...me?!''Run Silent, Run Deep''Freediver''Manatee Flyby''Baryshnikov''Drawn to the light''Smile for the Camera''Silent Running''Follow the line'Colorful Camouflage''The Seeker''Don't look up!''Quasimodo''Shelter''Closing for the Kill''Beauty and the Beast''Just Chillin'