Patagonia Gallery

Patagonia is truly heaven for landscape photographers.  When I die, plant my tired old bones somewhere with a view of Mt. Fitzroy!

'Bucket List''Flight of the Condor''Patagonian Juxtaposition''Ragnarök''Mauve Mayham''The Flames of Fall''Time Passages''Foxy Lady''Clouds, Ice and Granite''Night Moves''Dawn Moves''The Expanse''Sepia Sunrise''Patagonian Ponies''Good Fences Make Good Neighbors''Location, Location, Location''Mirador''Cascada del Rio Paine''Guanaco... before''Guanaco... after...''Gaucho Gump''Frozen Pano''Calm before the Storm''Macro beauty''Ancient Ice''Dawn of the gods''A Severe Beauty''Chorillo del Salto''Dancing in the Rain''Guanaco Ridge''Windswept''Contemplation''Old Classics Never Die'