2017 Lake Jesup Wildflower Season:  RIP
This is what I fear we won't be seeing this year...a photo of the Jesup bloom in 2016

2017 Lake Jesup Wildflower Season: RIP

Hurricane Irma certainly brought her share of misery to my Florida.  My family fared well…6 days without power isn’t that much of a hardship compared to some of the devastation I’ve seen on TV.

Once I got power back, one of the first things I did was take a look at my website to see what I may have missed.  I saw that a number of folks had sent messages to me about Irma.  It make me chuckle when I read them and found they weren’t wishes for my family’s safety, my fellow photographers were asking me if all the rain from Irma would have an impact on the annual Lake Jesup wildflower bloom!   Well, photographers do have their priorities:)

Anyway, I drove out to the fields yesterday to see how things were looking.  As I feared, they are completely flooded with only a handful of flowers visible above the water.  The waters will certainly recede, but not quickly.  In past years, the peak of the bloom is around the first of Oct. so it might be a bit early to write-off all hope for 2017 but I’m not optimistic.

I’ll make another scouting trip in another 10 days and let you know what I find!

2017 Lake Jesup Wildflower Update
We probably won’t be treated to scenes like this in 2017 This is what I fear we won’t be seeing this year…a photo of the Jesup bloom last year


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  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the update. I was looking to head out and take someone’s senior photos out here and I’m assuming based off of what you’ve said that there’s no hope to bring someone out to into the fields either this weekend or next? Thanks

    1. Hi Zachry,
      I’m going to go take another look at the fields next week and I’ll post the results…but I’m not optimistic that the flower are going to make an appearance this year…

  2. I am glad that your family is safe. The bloom will return at some point…:)

    1. Thanks Angelina! You are right of course, if not this year then perhaps 2018 will be a better year for the wildflowers…

  3. I am glad you and your family were not severely affected by Irma!

    1. Thanks Karl: yours was the first message about how my family fared with Irma. I’m sure my subtle hint in my blog had nothing to do with it!

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed, looking forward to seeing something this year. Last years was nice hopefully things this year will turn for the better!

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