Epic Roadtrip: Day 1

We are off!

Headed over to Daytona to start the trip.  It was a bit out of our way but it allows us to honestly say that that our road trip is truly Coast-to-Coast.   Ryan pulled an all-nighter saying good bye to his friends.  He has been up for 36 hours now…God it must be nice to be young!

We plan to get to Kentucky tonight…over 850 miles for the day.

Ryan and I have had a nonstop conversation rolling for about 8 hours, at least until I started typing this blog.   He spoke nonstop for the first couple hours…must have been the sleep deprivation.

Time for me to take a shift driving.  I’ll try to put up an update tomorrow after we visit the St. Louis Arch.



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  1. Heading to California? It’s funny because I am about to start an Epic Road Trip from California to Maine.
    So if you are heading toward us, welcome to CA. I will follow your adventure and enjoy your photos.

    1. Hi Evelyne,
      As matter of fact, yes, we will be visiting California. I was just in Maine last week, so if you are going to Acadia, make sure to hit the Bass Harbor lighthouse for sunset one night!

      1. Our little cabin in Maine is an hour and a half from Acadia, and we always go at least once during the summer. I will remember the sunset! In terms of sunrise, one of my best memories is the top of Half Dome in Yosemite early September a few years ago. You need to hike at night under a full moon to reach the top before sunrise. Gorgeous and very inspirational!

        1. Thanks for the suggestion Evelyne! I hope to make that moonlit hike to Half Dome someday!

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