Photo Adventure in the Pacific Northwest

My wife, Anita and I are excited to be leaving tomorrow on a 17 day photo excursion to the Pacific Northwest and southern Alaska.  I’ve never photographed Oregon and Washington state before so I’ve spent the last month excessively researching and preparing for this adventure.  We will spend most of our time running around in a rental car from location to location…it promises to be an invigorating (and exhausting) trip.

Anita is a good sport, and gave me an early Father’s Day card in which she promises to “not complain about the early mornings or late nights caused by my obsession with photography.”  I’m going to laminate that card and hang it from the rental’s rear view mirror…I’m fairly certain it will come in handy before the end of the trip…

Some of the locations on our itinerary are:

  1. The Palouse
  2. Palouse Falls
  3. Seven different waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge
  4. Cannon Beach Oregon
  5. Mt. Rainier
  6. Olympic National Park
  7. In addition, I’ve got a number of wildlife excursions planned in Alaska’s Inner Passage area.  One dream I have is to photograph whales bubble net feeding and this might be the trip when it happens!

We are well and truly ready to escape the 90+ degree weather that Central Florida has been dishing up the last few weeks and explore a new corner of our beautiful world.  Of course, I hope to return with some memorable photos, but no matter how much planning I’ve done, it will still largely come down to luck, weather and my ability to work 16 hours days!

I won’t be able to post any blogs for the next four weeks…I learned last year that I simply can’t photograph for a full day and then half the night (because of Milky Way shots) and then go back to my room and write a blog.  The desire for sleep is far too strong.  However, I promise to update you all with details when I return!

Take Care!

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  1. Good Luck for your trip and looking forward to see all the pictures from the trip

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