Yabba-Dabba-Do!…Is that you Yogi?!

One of the main reasons we bought our house is because it backs up to Wekiva Springs State Park ( I would have killed to have grown up here as a kid!)  As a result, our backyard is basically nothing but woods.  And those woods are full of critters!  Turkeys, deer, gators, otters, possums, foxes, bears..heck, once we even saw a monkey  (I kid you not).

So, anyway….yesterday, I had opened the garage so I could do some repairs around the back of the house.  Ten minutes later when I was ambling back up the pathway to the garage, guess who I ran into?

Finders Keepers!

This big fella had gone into my garage, knocked over the trash can and dragged the bag into the backyard for a nice little picnic!  So being the photography nut that I am, my first reaction was to grab my camera and rip off some shots.  But within a minute or two my ‘good citizenship’ instinct kicked-in and I scared him away to discourage him from getting used to people and associating them with food.


It’s funny, during the minute or two I was photographing him, I was a calm as I could be…just figuring out what the best settings should be, what angle would work well, etc.  But after I chased him off  my pulse rate shot up a bit..I mean, I know that Black Bears aren’t very aggressive, but how often do you walk up on something that could do you some serious damage if it had a mind to?

Anyway, it was pretty neat and something I won’t forget anytime soon!


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