Lake Jesup Sunflower Bloom update:  Oct 11, 2019
Nothing but Sunflowers and Sky...

Lake Jesup Sunflower Bloom update: Oct 11, 2019

I made it out to the Marl Bed Flats at Lake Jesup today. The sunflowers looked to be at peak bloom, so if you are planning to get out there, this weekend may be your best bet!

Unlike the past couple years, the fields are not flooded and the blooms are prolific. Perhaps not as dense as some earlier years, but impressive all the same.

Nothing but Sunflowers and Sky…

The rain earlier this week did make the fields marshy and you can’t venture too far out into them without flooding your boots but there are photographs to be had if you stay close to the oak hammocks or follow the lines of palm trees that stretch out toward Lake Jesup. Either way, bring tall waterproof boots and maybe an extra pair of dry socks (I wish I had!)

Both the Red and Yellow trails are good this year with the best blooms in the fields between where those two trails exit the tree cover.

Not something you see everyday…

I didn’t get out there today until 9:30 so the light was a bit harsh but at least I was able to do some scouting. Hopefully I can get out there again at an earlier hour Monday.

In addition to the wildflowers, there are plenty of birds…a pair of bald eagles soared over the fields the entire time I was there.

If you’ve never been out there, check out my blog that has detailed maps, tips and other things I’ve learned over the years about this wonderful event.


PS: I got a little write-up about the sunflowers on a website that features neat things to do in the Central Florida Area, check it out!

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  1. Jeff, looks like we may have overlapped just a bit yesterday. Sorry I missed meeting you.

    Thank you so very much for all the great information you have provided. You made planning a visit SO much easier! I found your blog thanks to Ed Rosack and am indebted to both of you for your generosity in sharing tips and techniques.

    This was my first trip there but won’t be the last. “Kid in a candy store” comes to mind. Could have spent the whole day.

    Again, thank you!!

    1. Hi Wally, I may have seen you out there. I spotted a silver-haired gentleman with a tripod and backpack working near the treeline about 10am or so…could that have been you? Glad you found my info helpful, just my effort at ‘paying it forward.’ I would love to see your images!
      Cheers, Jeff

      1. Yep, that was me. “Silver-haired gentleman” sure beats “gray-headed old curmudgeon” but the latter may be more accurate. 🙂

        The generous information you and Ed provided sure made it smoother than facing a totally unknown spot. Although, I’ll definitely have to return to explore more possibilities. What a wonderful Florida treasure!

        A few images from the morning:

    1. I still owe you that beer Ed…I wouldn’t even know about this place if it wasn’t for you and your blog!

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